Ultegra Groupset: What Can You Find for Bikes?

People who are serious about bicycle performance will not be satisfied with the stock gear that comes with the frame. An Ultegra groupset allow enthusiasts to switch out all the gears, derailleurs and other hardware all at once to create precisely the ride style and feel they want. An groupset can come with a wide variety of options, so careful research and consideration must be given before buying one.

What can an Ultegra Groupset Include?

The Ultegra groupset starts with a sturdy and efficient crankset that allows the rider to translate their power into smooth operation and forward motion of the bike. You can choose different lengths and sizes based on your bike frame and ride style.

An Ultegra groupset also includes dual control shifter levers. These are fashioned with the latest sensory technology that tells the rider when the shift is complete. An groupset may also include similar brake levers. All parts are smooth operating and low profile for better aerodynamics.

Both front and back derailleurs are found in Ultegra groupset packages as well. They include polymer-coated cables for smooth performance as well as easy use levers. Either short or long cage back derailleurs can be found in an groupset.

Besides all the other high performance parts in many Ultegra groupset options, they also include various sized cassettes with up to 11 speeds and a quality bicycle chain.

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