Triathlon Wetsuit: Find It to Fit Your Shape and Style

Choosing the right triathlon wetsuit helps the toughest athletes compete in comfort and style. A triathlon challenges people more than almost any other physical contest. In order to perform your best in all three legs of the race – running, biking and swimming – you need the right gear. The best wetsuit will fit you without binding and reflect your inner superstar.

A triathlon wetsuit differs from the type of wetsuit you may have seen somebody scuba diving in. Those wetsuits are designed to hold water close to you so you warm it up and do not get cold. A triathlon wetsuit repels water so you can swim more quickly and meet less resistance. If you want a good score in your next big race, choose a wetsuit specifically made for one.

Triathletes like different types of triathlon wetsuits. There are full cut options that cover from neck to wrist and ankle, sleeveless types and shortcut ones with no arms or long legs. What you choose is up to your personal triathlon wetsuits preference.

Fit is the most important aspect of selecting the wetsuits for you. Try on several and buy one that is snug but does not bind and has no punches of fabric or large wrinkles. Always choose wetsuits with a lot of zippers. This makes it so much easier to quickly get out of it before you start the next leg of the race. Modern triathlon wetsuits are technologically advanced and can help you get a better time than ever before.

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