Triathlon Watch: Necessary Triathlon Gear

A triathlon watch is one that you may likely to have invested earlier soon as you started loving this sport. It will serve as your progress checker to determine how much more you need to improve.

It may sound luxurious but it probably makes a difference when you have it on or during the game or on your training.

How to consider the best triathlon watch?

For serious player who really want to monitor every single detail, check the functionality of the triathlon watch of your choice. Such as GPS, average pace calculations, real-time speed measurements, and heart rate monitor.

You can prefer to have the very basic features such as the timer, stopwatch, and alarms that are water resistant.

Make sure to avail a water resistance of up to at least 100 meters. It is important that you can use your watch under water for swimming and accidental liquid spills. It is also advisable to clean and wash your triathlon watch occasionally. You may want to clean out sweat, dust, and dirt on your watch.

Some people may prefer to have a rugged and rubberized straps for durability.

For an, even more, advance triathlon watch, consider having a countdown timers, distance measurements, recall date, and target time features. These features help track your past and present, as well as your future goals.

Finally, check your budget, fashion, style. There are different types of watch that will suits your needs. High-end triathlon watch can give you the best features, however, an inexpensive watch can still be good for your basic needs.

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