How to Choose Triathlon Shorts

Recently, we discussed how to choose triathlon bikes. Another important piece of equipment are your triathlon shorts. You should put as much thought into these as you do your bike. After all, you are going to be wearing them for a long time. There is the time training before you even get to the event itself. It is important to learn how to choose triathlon shorts.

All Purpose Fabric

You want to find triathlon shorts that are made from a fabric that is all purpose. After all, you will be wearing them through multiple events.


You want some that are made from a fabric that provides breathability. Shorts that are breathable enough can impact your overall performance.

Dries Quickly

You will be moving between running, swimming, and biking. You also will be sweating a tremendous amount. It is these wet to dry conditions that make it critically important for your triathlon shorts to dry quickly.

Invisible Seams

Ok, the term “invisible” might overstate it a little bit, but not much. You want to make sure and find triathlon shorts that has seams much like compression tights or shorts. You want seams that are very flat. This makes it to where you almost don’t even know they are there. This gives you a higher level of comfort.

There are many things that go into choosing the best shorts. If you keep the steps listed here in mind then you will be able to purchase shorts that give you maximum comfort and performance.

Photo Gallery of the How to Choose Triathlon Shorts

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