Triathlon Clothing: Combine Comfort and Performance

The type of triathlon clothing you choose to wear on the day of the big race can mean the difference between finishing in style and being an uncomfortable mess. Clothing that is ill-fitting, doesn’t breathe or chafes will seriously affect your athletic performance. The right triathlon clothing combines these things to keep you dry, comfortable and energized.

Experienced triathletes who race frequently may have a selection of clothing that includes multiple pieces perfect for each leg of the race: swimming, biking and running. If you are just starting out, your clothing does not have to cost a lot of money.

One of the most important pieces of triathlon clothing is appropriate shorts or a triathlon suit. The shorts can be worn with a tank specifically designed for racing, or simply whatever type of shirts usually use for training. These shorts or full body suit must be specifically designed clothing for muscle support, wicking moisture away and keeping your cool and comfortable for the entire race.

Besides the suit or shorts, you will also need a wetsuit if the water temperature is below 78°, high performance socks to prevent blisters and different types of shoes that suit the running and biking portions of the race correctly. Triathlon clothing can include multiple changes that must be done quickly so you still get a good time.

Triathlon clothing should combine comfort and performance so you finish quickly and without any blisters, chafing or muscle strain.

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