Trek Fuel: Is the EX Worth the Price?

Does Functionality Justify the Higher Price?

The Trek Fuel EX is one of the bicycle model in the Trek 3700 line. If you are considering purchasing one of these bikes then you probably have several questions. One of them is if it is really worth the higher price tag that is on it? This question is being asked by many bicyclists. That is why we decided to look at, “Is the Trek Fuel EX worth the price?”

Overview of the Trek 3700 Line

The first thing we want to discuss is who this line is meant for. Every model in the Trek 2700 lineup, including the Trek Fuel EX, are not the mountain bikes that you find at Wal-Mart. They are meant for serious riders that need a bike that can perform under stress. You don’t have to look at one of these bikes very long to see that they meet this criteria.

Trek Fuel EX Features

There are many features that set this mountain bike a part from others. It starts with the tires themselves. The Trek Fuel EX uses wider tires than the standard 2 inch that you will find on traditional mountain bikes. But, the differences don’t end there. This bike is also put together with speed, function and durability in mind. You can choose from a couple different material types for the body. One of the choices is carbon fiber. This provides you with speed (because of the lighter weight) and durability (because of the material strength).

If you are looking for a mountain bike that can go the distance with you then you can’t go wrong with the Trek Fuel EX. It is true that these bikes are not cheap. They start at a price tag of about $1,100. But, you will find that the function and durability they offer are well worth the price tag.

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