Tire Tubes: Don’t Get Mistaken on Buying a Tubes for Your Bicycle

Bicycles have a wide variety of style, design, and sizes. It also differs from the way you want to use your bicycle. There is an appropriate bicycle for touring, roads, mountains, and for tournaments.

The inside of your bicycle tires are called tire tubes. It can be a rubber inflated tubes, or totally no tubes for some other bicycle tire styles. You can check that on the time of your purchase. In case your bicycle has tire tubes, notice the numbers engraved or written on the tire. That numbers will tell you the tire tubes style, model, and sizes.

Now if you want or there’s a need for a new tire tube, before buying it is a wise idea to be aware of these…

Tire Tubes Buying Tips

Size Does Matter

Be Familiar with the tubes sizes so you won’t get disappointed or rather ruin your bicycle tires and frames. Wrong tire tubes sizes affect your bicycle running condition. Tire tube sizes differ depending on the wheel size and the tire width.

Wheel diameter varies differently on your bicycle style, whether it is a mountain bike, road bike, or child’s bike and such. In case you aren’t familiar with the right tire tubes, check your bicycle manual guide if there’s any. Or again, check the numbers written on the tires itself.

Valve Type

A Presta valve type of tire tubes have a narrow and longer valves, whereas the Schrader valves have shorter and fatter valves. Those were the most common type of valve for tire tubes.

Above all, if you are confused as to what kind of tire tubes are perfect for your bicycle, you can seek help from your local bicycle store.

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