Tennis Shorts: How to Choose the Right for Cool Comfort

Athletic and sporting goods stores carry a wide range of tennis shorts for both men and women. Although they are quite stylish and come from all the major name brands of sports gear like Adidas, Nike, Fila and Lacoste, tennis shorts are more than just something attractive to wear on the courts. For maximum cooling and comfort, look for shorts with some of the more advanced styles and materials.

When it comes to men’s tennis shorts, most are may decide to just above the knee and usually shorter than fashion shorts are worn. The offers from different companies are relatively the same. They have elastic waists with drawstrings, breathable stretch fabric that wicks away moisture and a comfortable, lightweight feel.

Women’s tennis shorts have the same types of fabrics but are quite a bit shorter than the men’s varieties and frequently have stretch leggings or a bike short style liner under the shorts. This is mostly for modesty and an increased feeling of dryness and comfort when the woman athlete gets into a big match or training session.

Some people prefer tennis shorts that provide compression for increased muscle support and circulation help. Both men and women’s models may come with attached compression shorts or you can buy compression shorts separately and wear them with a looser pair. No matter what type of tennis shorts you purchase, be sure they are comfortable, non-binding or chafing and dry quickly. The colors, patterns and name brand logos on shorts are mostly a matter of personal taste.

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