Tennis Shorts: Is It Better to Wear Woven or Knit?

When it comes to tennis shorts, what’s the difference?

We have all asked ourselves, “What’s the difference?” There are many differences in just about anything that we say or do. In the options of different direction routes, difference in color, and of course there is a different in night and day.

Woven Tennis Shorts

Woven shorts are designed specifically to give you comfort. Woven tennis shorts clearly have a different material that is going to be obvious when you see and feel the shorts. Woven tennis shorts are quite noiser than knit shorts when you rub them together.

Knit Tennis Shorts

Knit tennis shorts are designed to give you comfort while you are playing your favorite sport. The knit shorts do not absorb the sweat and moisture that accumulates, giving you the convenience of longer play time. Fabric is a sofer type of fabric, and is also elastic.

It is very easy to tell the difference between the two with your naked eye, but when it comes down to game play, you are going to see and feel a big difference between the two.

So, depending on what your preferences are and what makes you more comfortable, the choice is up to you. If you play or practice more frequently than most, then choosing the knit shorts will be best for you. If you play from time to time, then woven shorts could be a good fit.

Either way, shorts gives you comfortability when you play.

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