Tennis Shoes for Kids: How to Find in Style and on Budget

Tennis shoes for kids can be found in all the major sports brands like Puma, Adidas, New Balance, Wilson and Nike. They also come in off-brand options. Some brands of tennis shoes are more expensive than others but may suit your child’s foot, athletic ability or personal sense of style better. All parents should learn how to find the best tennis shoes that will both look great and not break the budget.

The 3 Most Important Traits of Tennis Shoes for Kids

1 – Length – Tennis shoes for kids must be long enough so their toes are not cramped and there is a little room for their feet to grow. Always choose tennis shoes that allow you to squish at least a finger or finger and a half’s width at the end.

2 – Width — No one wants to play tennis, another sport or just run around in a shoe that pinches their toes or squishes their foot. Always have the foot measured properly so tennis shoes for kids can be purchased in the right size. Wide width shoes are available in many brands and styles.

3 – Support – The construction of tennis shoes for kids has to be as supportive if not more supportive than those made for adults. A child’s foot is still growing and changing and needs to have the right foundation for long-term health and comfort. Tennis shoes should have arch support, adjustable laces or other closures and flexible but supportive sidewalls and sole.

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