Tennis Racquet: How to Choose the Best For Your Game

Whether you are a true beginner or an experienced player, choosing the best tennis racquet for your game is an important part of strengthening your skills or winning more matches. There are three main types of tennis racquet on the market: power racquets, mid-range racquets and control racquets. Look at the explanations below to determine which type is best for your play style.

Power Racquets – This type of tennis racket is designed for people who are still working on their game or who want to take it to the next level. They are ideal for people with swings that are relatively short and slow. A power tennis racquet has a larger, stiffer, longer and heavier head. This helps people swing harder due to the momentum of the head itself.

Mid-Range Racquets – This type of tennis racquet falls halfway between the power and control types. Although these do have some features that make it easier to swing harder, they are also highly maneuverable so intermediate players can get more precision out of their racquet.

Control Racquets – This kind of tennis racquet is perfect for more advanced players who can swing hard but need more control and precision on where they put the ball on the racket head. Control racquet types weigh more than other options but most of the weight is in the handle, which makes the head more maneuverable.

No matter what type of tennis player you are, there is the perfect racquet to suit your level of athletic ability and your play style. Explore the options, try a few out and decide which tennis racquet is best for you.

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