Tennis Gifts for Tennis Players and Fans

If you have a tennis player in your life or know someone who is just an avid fan of the game, you might want to buy tennis gets for their birthday, holiday or after they win a big match. There are so many tennis gifts that are themed around this game in everything from sporting equipment to kitchenware and beyond. This wide selection can make it difficult to choose the perfect tennis gifts for everyone.

For Players – While a gift card to a tennis shop would always be appreciated, you can find for personal tennis gifts for the player in your life. Only buy a new tennis racquet if you are absolutely sure which type they like playing with. Instead, consider gifts of different types of balls, clothing to wear on the court or when warming up and other athletic gear like cooling towels, DVDs of training from professionals or memorabilia from the U.S. Open, Wimbledon or some historically important match.

For Fans — People who enjoy watching tennis but do not play themselves can get many of the same gifts as players can such as the match souvenirs. Other options for tennis gifts include wine bottle stoppers in the shape of tennis balls, a wide variety of keychains, jewelry such as earrings or charm bracelets and even food tennis gifts like ball and racquet shaped pasta and chocolate tennis balls.

There are so many tennis gifts for people who love the game that it may be difficult to choose the perfect one for each fan in your life. With all the many options, perhaps a gifts basket would be a better choice.

Photo Gallery of the Tennis Gifts for Tennis Players and Fans

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