Tennis Apparel for Comfort and Style on the Courts

Tennis apparel has long consisted of white shorts and a white top for the men and a white short skirt and white top for women. Originally, usually made in cotton or even wool if you go back far enough, but synthetic fabrics were also popular as they made their appearance in sportswear. Tennis apparel these days is constructed for comfort, mobility and style more than ever.

The outfits you wear on the courts are also designed of high tech fabrics that increase cooling and support your muscles for more energy during a big game.

Playing tennis requires a high level of mobility, quick turns and lots of bending or stretching to reach the ball before it goes out of bounds. Tennis apparel is usually slim enough against the body so no extra fabric gets in the way of swinging your racquet quickly or moving your legs. It is also nonbinding so the tennis apparel you where to start uncomfortably against your skin. The last thing you want in the middle of a match is uncomfortable chafing or irritation.

Tennis apparel is not always white anymore either. While white is a great color to prevent overheating, tennis apparel is more often fashioned out of bright colors and patterns like turquoise, bright yellow and red. Many pieces also feature the logo or name of a popular sporting goods brand such as Nike or Wilson.

Photo Gallery of the Tennis Apparel for Comfort and Style on the Courts

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