Road Bike Shoes: What Factors Make for Quality?

When buying the highest quality road bike shoes, the name brand, color or style do not matter as much as the fit and the features. Above all else, road bike shoes must fit smoothly and comfortably on your foot. However, comfort can be found with every day athletic shoes as well, so what makes bike shoes a better choice for bicycling?

Road bike shoes should fit firmly on your heels still allow your toes to wiggle. This is because of the position your feet are in when you are pedaling the bicycle. Quality bike shoes should have a lightweight sole that is still rather rigid and stiff so more of the power in your legs transfers to the pedal and makes the bicycle move more quickly with less effort. The best bike shoes have soles made of carbon fibers although less expensive models use plastic.

Lightweight materials are also used for road bike shoes uppers. This includes genuine and faux leather, lightweight vinyl and plastic. Some have laces, some buckles and others have straps. The most important thing when choosing bike shoes for you is making sure they fit comfortably and stay firmly attached to your foot.

Other factors to consider when choosing road bike shoes is if you need them to click into the pedals or prefer the clipless type and if you will be using them to walk around as well as riding. Many road bike shoes are not really made for walking, so if you intend to write a bike to the store or a park for a quick stroll or a picnic, you should choose bike shoes with a more flexible bottom.

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