Pannier Bags: What Type Should You Use When Cycling?

When it comes to carrying gear or even just lunch on a bike ride, you should consider one of the various types of pannier bags that combine form and function. Many cyclists use backpacks to carry their stuff, but these can give you an aching back before too much time has passed. Pannier bags negate this problem because they are attached to the bike itself instead of your body.

Some pannier bags hang on the front of the bicycle from the bar just under the handlebars. This keeps your gear, such as a water bottle, sweat cloth or snack close at hand and convenient. Other pannier bags hang on the back of the bike more like luggage. They are usually a bit larger and heavier than the front versions, but they can be found in any size and shape as well.

Pannier bags have different specific purposes as well. Some are designed for easy use when shopping. These look much like sturdy tote bags that can be removed easily from the bicycle and taking into the grocery store or other shop to fill with merchandise. Other types of bags are perfect for commuters. They hook to the bike and keep your work safe, but also have a shoulder strap or handles that allow you to carry it like a briefcase or laptop bag.

Pannier bags are convenient, sturdy and weather proof. These keep whatever you want to bring with you safe and clean. Commuter, leisurely rider or taking a journey on your bike? Buy the right pannier bag for your needs.

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