Paintball Vest: The Best Protects in More Ways Than One

When you are out in the woods or running a course at a professional paintball establishment, a paintball vest is a great way to protect you from the sting of getting shot and from being detected and aimed at in the first place. A paintball vest can also give you extra pockets and storage for additional ammunition and paintball tanks so you never run out of paintballs or power.

Top 3 Ways a Paintball Vest Protects the Wearer

Physical Protection – Even if a paintball vest you where is not padded or includes lightweight armor plating, it can still help protect you from the sting of paintballs flying at your body. A paintball is often made of heavy weight twill or camouflage material which is difficult to damage. It can even protects the wearer against thorns and sharp rocks.

Camouflage – When you are hiding in the woods waiting for the enemy to approach, a paintball vest printed with modeled camouflage pattern can help protect you from your opponent. This type of paintball to make it harder for them to spot you and give you a greater chance of emerging unscathed from the battle.

More Paintballs, More Power – With a paintball vest, you get more storage for paintballs, pressurized air or gas tanks and whatever other equipment you need to stay safe while you are engaged in a high risk paintball mission. If you want to experience all these benefits the next time you head out to the woods or an official paintball course, by a specifically designed paintball.

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