Best Paintball Tactical Vests: Buying Guide

You are looking for best paintball vests in 2017? We will help you.

1) GZ XINXING Black Tactical Airsoft Paintball Molle Vest | 2) Maddog Tactical Paintball Harness Vest | 3) Coobl Tactical Molle Paintball Vest | 4) Maddog Sports Attack Tactical Paintball Vest | 5) Pellor Outdoor Children Kids Tactical Vest | 6) 3Skull Paintball Tactical Web Vest | 7) Maddog Padded Paintball & Airsoft Chest Protector | 8) Barbarians Tactical Molle Vest |

Tactical vests offer protection during extended and competitive games. Vests help to prevent injury as well as provide storage for field tools. They are usually lined with hard plates which protect your upper body.

You can choose from different styles and protection levels. Sewn in pockets and clips are used to carry water bottles, ammo and other survival items. There are many paintball vests in the market provided by different manufacturers which makes the buying process quite complicated.

Tactical Vest Styles

There are three major tactical vest styles namely; tactical cross-draw vests, plate carrier vets and chest rigs. Tactical cross-draw vests come with configured pouch layouts which cannot be customized.

Organisation is ready for individuals to place their items. Plate carrier vests are customizable where the pouch configuration offers endless options. This makes it ideal for any field activity. Chest rigs are customizable but lighter and smaller. It provides precision and speed but less storage and limited protection area.

Things to Consider When Buying a Tactical Vest

Look for vests which a high varying capacity and a well designed pouch layout. Style of pouches should match the items carried to the field. Quality vests come with special pouches for storing maps, radios and hydration pouches.

Customizable pouch designs are much better. You can change the pouch layout according to field requirements. The more strong pockets and pouches you have the more items you can carry. Consider vests with a Molle design since they offer adjustments. A quality vest should be able to accommodate a hydration bladder which keeps you hydrated and cool during the game.

Battling is normally intensive and full of engagement.The material of the vest should be durable enough to sustain crawling and movements in the woods. Choose a lightweight vest to enable you move swiftly in the field. The weight of the vest should also be well distributed. Avoid vests which provide lightness in expense of load bearing capacity.

Vests with a camouflage design allow you to disguise yourself during battles. A quality vest has adjustable straps which offer a snug and comfortable fit. This offers freedom for kids as well as adult players.

Magazine pouches should be adjustable. Vests with touch mess offer ventilation and comfort. Zippered closures with snaps offer quick release. The whole unit should be adjustable and be able to fit around the neck. Here are some models which are worth considering when looking for the best tactical vest.

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