Paintball Jerseys for Your Team: How to Choose Awesome Jerseys

When it comes to choosing paintball jerseys for your team, there are two options to go with. First, you can get regular short or long sleeved T-shirts printed with a logo and name and call them your jerseys. This is a great idea for casual groups and paintball enthusiasts who don’t wage war every weekend. Of course, if you include stealth and guerrilla tactics in your people battles, a brightly colored T-shirt may not be the best type of jerseys to choose.

Another option for jerseys are real tactical shirts that offer some protection and capabilities like shirts worn by the military or athletes.

If you want to go all out when buying paintball jerseys for your team, choose the tactical top option. These shirts make amazing jerseys because they are specifically designed for a lot of action and usually are printed with camouflage so you can hide from your enemies in the woods or fields where you play.

Some benefits of these paintball jerseys include a greater chance of stealth and lying in wait for an opposing team member so you can jump up and splatter them with your paintballs. Also, if your team uses some type of base, you are less likely to give its location away when sitting there wearing camouflage print jerseys.

From an athletic standpoint, tactical paintball jerseys are more comfortable overall. They protect your skin from the sun, thorns and sharp twigs as you move through the woods and even the staying of a direct paintball hit. Most paintball jerseys are made from high-performance wicking material so you stay cool and dry as you run around.

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