Paintball Hoppers: Tips on Buying

Part of a paintball gun is the paintball hoppers. It is a big advantage to own a hoppers rather than renting. Mostly rental paintball hoppers have a low-quality loader that makes a difference in your game.

Buy your own hoppers to guarantee you can manage to shoot faster and convenient.

Consider some of these tips on…

How to choose a quality paintball hoppers?

Check the feed rate of a paintball hoppers of your choice. Feed rate is measured in balls per second (bps). The very basic feed rate can be eight bps to 50 bps for a high-end hoppers. For beginners, it is good to start with the 10-15 bps.

Choose from a gravity-feed or electronic feed hoppers. They are both simple and good for beginners as well. Gravity feed hoppers use gravity to draw the paintballs that can be a little slower compared to the electronic feed hoppers. Electronic feed hoppers need a power source like a 9 volts battery that helps increase its feeding time.

Also, determine the sounds, noise, and all the paintball hoppers functionality. Like electronic feed hoppers, once it’s turned on it produces noise. Prices also differ according to style, functionality, and feeding system.

Make sure to inspect the paintball hoppers that will answer your preference. If you are serious about your game, then avail of high-end hoppers which have a sensor-activated feed system that exceeds to 50 bps.

And the most expensive yet high-quality hoppers are the one with a force-feed loader. They seem to be quite expensive, but it promises you satisfaction and comfort.

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