Paintball Grenade: Why Don’t You Have?

You Are Missing a Winning Opportunity

If you play paintball and don’t know what a paintball grenade is then you are missing out. If you have heard of them then why aren’t you using one? For those of you that either haven’t heard of a paintball grenade or haven’t used one yet then we want to explain them to you. You will wonder, why don’t you have a paintball grenade?

Increase Your Game

The premise of this grenade is much like a grenade that would be used in war. It contains a large amount of paint. Once it is thrown then it goes off and spreads paint over an area. There are two types of grenades; explosive and non-explosive.


These grenades have a blatter that is much like that of a water balloon. You pull the pin and the end is loosened. The paint inside is under pressure. When you throw it and it hits something then the pressure spreads paint over a wider area. This marks anyone that is in the area.


This type of paintball grenade actually uses black power. It actually has a fuse. You strike the top of the grenade much like you would a match. This ignites the fuse. You then throw the grenade. When the fuse burns down the it explodes and paint is spread. Unlike non-explosive grenades, these don’t have to hit something to spread paint. This allows them to go off in the air and fall on to an area.

If you are a paintball player that hasn’t tried grenades yet then you see the potential advantages. You can take out several opposing team members at one time. So, why don’t you have a paintball grenade?

Photo Gallery of the Paintball Grenade: Why Don’t You Have?

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