Paintball Gear: What Do You Need?

Make Sure You Are Prepared for Success

Paintball is a very fun past time. It allows you to spend time with friends while playing a fun game. Let’s face it, if you are playing this game then you are also competitive. You want to win. There are few things as fun as bragging rights over your friends. To ensure you are prepared for success, you want to have the right paintball gear. So, exactly what paintball gear do you need?

Safety Gear

The first thing you want to have when playing paintball is the right safety gear. It may seem like a paintball wouldn’t hurt that much. But, if you have ever been hit with one without any gear on then you know it can hurt. They can leave a welp on you. The basic safety gear that is necessary is a mask, a vest that covers your torso, elbow pads, knee pads, and some camouflage clothing doesn’t hurt either. This creates the basis for your overall paintball gear.

Your Equipment

Now that we have covered the safety gear, you need to look at your other equipment. Obviously, a large part of your overall paintball gear is your paintball gun. If you are starting out then you might consider renting one. The issue with this is that these guns may not shoot straight. You can get a paintball starter kit that includes a basic gun and a mask at many retailers. You also want to consider equipment such as a larger hopper to hold more paintballs, a paintball grenade (great for taking out several of the opposing team), and a larger air tank (this keeps you from needing to change as often).

There are many different paintball guns available. Just going over them could fill volumes. However, if you use the basic list of paintball gear here then you will make sure that you have the basic paintball gear for success.

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