Mountain Bike Shoes: Do Make a Difference on a Ride?

If you are a fan of heading off the beaten path with your bicycle and exploring the back woods, fields or any other rough terrain, you need the right pair of mountain bike shoes to keep you comfortable and safe on the ride. While many riders in the sport simply wear athletic shoes or comfortable hiking boots instead of dedicated mountain bike shoes, the real thing offers quite a few benefits.

Mountain bike shoes provide two main benefits when riding a bike on rough terrain. The first one is comfort. Not only are mountain bike shoes made to be comfortable on your foot no matter where you are walking or hiking, they also have a particular shape that makes using them on the pedals feel better. They usually have a larger toe box and a more rigid soul to help you peddle more forcefully over rough trails and wilderness.

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Many of mountain bike shoes also have a specific type of lacing that stays in place and tied more readily than normal sneakers. Some even have stainless steel cables instead of shoelaces that are tightened with a knob instead of tied together. This kind of benefit combined with all the other unique product points of bike shoes help them beat not only more comfortable but also safer and more protective.

Protection is perhaps the most important benefit of bike shoes. They state securely attached to your feet without shifting. They have sufficient soles to protect your feet from sharp rocks, pointy sticks and any other debris on the trail. Mountain bike shoes are a good choice for off-road fun.

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