Mountain Bike Frames: Choose the Right for a Strong Core

People ride mountain bikes everywhere these days. They’ve become super popular for not only trail riding but also street riding as well. Mountain bike frames come in various options that reflect this multiple use. It is important to choose the right mountain bike frames so the whole thing can stand up to whatever you throw at it on or off road.

Mountain bike frames come in two varieties. Some use suspension systems, either just front or full suspension. There are also mountain bike frames that do not use any suspension systems at all. The ones without are usually found on older bicycles and will probably be used only for commuter bikes. Riding on the trails with no suspension would be difficult and painful.

Mountain bike frames with only front suspension make it easy for both trail riders and leisure riders to customize the rest of the bike. In general, these bikes are lighter weight so they may be perfect bike frames for smaller people and women. Also, your pedaling power translates more readily into forward thrust because there is no rear bounce to use up the efficiency.

Mountain bike frames with full suspensions are used by anyone who wants to ride off the roads and groomed trails. If you didn’t have that suspension system in the back, each time the rear wheel came down after a small jump or over an obstruction in the path, you would feel a jarring bump up your spine. These bike frames are the most expensive by far, so they are frequently used by only the most diehard mountain bikers.

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