Longboard Wheels: How to Choose the Right for Your Ride Style

Skateboard and longboard wheels started out as simple metal, clay, plastic or rubber circles that supported the board deck and let it roll. Longboard wheels are now made from polyurethane which allows the wheels to bounce, grip and roll over any smooth surface with speed and surety. It can also be colored or printed on to make your board look great.

When it comes to longboard wheels, it is essential to get the right type for your riding style. Do you ride fast and smooth or want quick bursts of speed? Buying different diameter wheels help with these aspects: larger is faster over rough ground, smaller makes bursts easier.

Weight of the longboard wheels is important as well. The heavier the wheel is, the more road grip it will have. For people who want to ride smooth but like to drift, larger wheels with cut out cores can still give the lighter weight you need.

Other things to consider when choosing the right longboard wheels for smooth rides or downhill racing include what type of edge the wheels have and what material is used for the core. There are both sharp or straight edge wheels and beveled and radiused edges that are more appropriate for tricks and slides. Many wheels have plastic cores, which are light weight and house the bearings that should be lubricated regularly.

After buying the right form and function of longboard wheels to use on your deck, you can choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns and pictures that reveal your personal styles and tastes.

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