Lacrosse Pads: How to Get the Best Fit With Them

Lacrosse pads protect players from bumps and bruises when they contact with other players or get hit by a stick. They are designed to protect not only the shoulders, but also the collarbone and the sternum. In order for lacrosse pads to provide these important benefits, each player must be fitted for a pair separately.

Most lacrosse shoulder pads come in regular sizes small, medium, large and extra-large. These sizes are based on height and weight of the player. It more specific fit with Lacrosse pads is achieved by adjusting proper size while players wearing it.

First, side the lacrosse shoulder pads over the players head so it rests naturally on the shoulders. Lacrosse shoulder pads are frequently connected to bicep pads with straps or Velcro. The player should slip his or her arm through these to improve fit.

Next, check every part of the lacrosse pads to make sure they protect the parts they are supposed to. The shoulder edges should extend no more than 1 ½ to 2 inches on the players shoulder. The sternum or chest pad should not be too low or too high to cover the sternum bone. There should be no gap between the lacrosse shoulder pads and the collarbone area for maximum safety.

The best lacrosse pads can be adjusted at all joints with placings or Velcro to give the best possible fit for each individual player. Lacrosse pads are an essential part of this sport’s safety equipment.

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