Hydration Packs: Mountain Biking Only or Road Rides Too?

In the sport of cycling, riders drink frequently to stay healthy and energetic. In general, mountain bikers who hit the trails through the woods or across the desert use hydration packs to hold their water while street cyclists who pedal in the city or towns bring water bottles along. Why does this difference exist? Are hydration packs only good for mountain biking or can they be used for road rides too?

Hydration packs are used more for off road biking more for two main reasons: lack of access to clean water and comfort. These hydration packs can be bulky and heavier than water bottles that clip to the bike frame. Also, you cannot stop in the woods and drink water from any old stream to rehydrate.

What if you take long rides through the city or speed down long country roads on your bike? You might not have access to more water unless you lock up your bike and head into a store. Many people do not want to interrupt their ride that way and may look to hydration packs as an option.

The bulkiness and weight of packs cause another problem for road cyclist, though. In their sport, aerodynamics and low wind resistance are important for speed and to keep up energy. If these riders want to use hydration packs, they should opt for the smallest and lowest profile ones they can find. These packs usually conform to the front of the body rather than being worn as a backpack.

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