How to be a Paintball Sniper

Here are the 5 best paintball sniper out there.

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Since the 90’s, there has been a lot of controversy in paintball concerning the term “Sniper”. For years, many players outright said there is no such thing as a paintball sniper. And yet, most of us who have played will admit. There have been games where we were out on the field, and a single shot rang out. You feel the paint hit you and look down and see the mark.

Yet, you have NO clue where it was fired from! You raise your hand and leave the match and in your mind you know… You just got “snipered” by someone who is adept at stealth, has great shooting skills and more importantly, they outwitted and outlasted you in that match, and it makes your hair stand up on the back of your neck just thinking about it.

I’ve been playing as a paintball sniper for close to a decade now. And for years I heard all the excuses why I didn’t exist. Players told me that paintball guns aren’t accurate enough for one shot kills, they said, that even with the best systems out there, there is no way you can shoot ONE paintball and get kill after kill after kill, especially at 100 yard scope range.

So what sets a sniper apart from a typical marksman paintballer? The biggest obstacle that most players overlook is the mental aspect of playing as a Sniper. You have to be somewhat of a loner at times, someone who will go out in a large scenario and play all by themselves, for hours… leaving the safety of team support behind, and go deep behind enemy lines all alone.

You must learn to predict your opponent’s movements and how they think, when they hit the field. Only when you can predict what they will do, and then lay an ambush for them that stops their progression and hinders them from moving. THAT is what a paintball sniper brings to the field. Equipment matters to a degree, but the mental ability to predict and outwit your opponent, even in a short game.

That is what strikes fear into your opponents, and puts a target on your back, as opposing players want to get you out of the game as quickly as they can! For years, I listened to the critiques of why there can’t be paintball “snipers” and then I finally made a video that would silence the critics.

This is footage from a large scenario at Paintball Country in Ohio, where I was tasked as my team’s sniper to go out and take out as many medics as possible, and try to infiltrate the opposing team’s headquarters and kill their general.

I had succeeded in taking him out in this big game the year before, so they hoped I could do it again. This is a long game, but that is what Snipers do, they play deep in the thick woods, and take out player after player without ever giving their opponents an opportunity to fire back!

Here is a much smaller game where I was playing defense for my team, and on a huge field, I had to predict where they would attack, as I would be outnumbered and alone and needed to keep them from getting my team’s flag. I pulled a “gambit” which is described in the video, and just shows how mental play is so important in paintball.

Paintball (large field woodsball or scenario play) is more of a chess match, you have pawns (newbies, and casual players) and rooks, and bishops and a king (your flag typically, or your general in a scenario), but the most valuable player in chess is the queen, in paintball it is the Sniper aka Assassin, as he can go anywhere and make any type of move.

Be it close engagement, or long range engagement, or high value assassinations, the sniper will get where you don’t expect, and take you out quickly and efficiently. Their ability to take you out before you even realize he/she was there, without giving you a chance to even fire back is what makes them so dangerous!

This player can move in and out of the enemy lines without drawing attention. He will NOT fire when he sees an opponent, unless it is in his team’s best interest, and can be done without drawing attention. As a dead sniper is useless, and if you fire at every player, or group of players you see… You won’t last long!

Photo Gallery of the How to be a Paintball Sniper

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