Gymnastics Trampoline Tricks: Very Awesome and Scary

I have to admit, whenever I am on a gymnastics trampoline, all I do is jump to see how high I can go. No flips, nod dips, no tricks. Nothing. But just jump. But, for all the rest of you talented and lucky people out there, there are some pretty awesome tricks you can do on a gymnastics trampoline.

A Beginner’s Trick on a Gymnastics Trampoline

In whatever we do, we start off small (some of us, anyway). In this case, you could of been using a kids trampoline from the age of 5. This is something that I highly recommend starting off small with. Before you learn how to fly, you do need to be aware of the dangers that comes with a gymnastics trampoline. It can be more than just something to jump on, or run on, pretending you are on the moon (guilty).

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One quick and easy trick you can do is, spin your body in a whole 360×5 while jumping up on a trampoline. This is quite fun actually, although you do get a bit dizzy.

More Advanced Trick Gymnastics Trampoline

Here is a bit of an advanced gymnastics trampoline trick. Have you ever tried doing front flips and back flips in the water? Try doing some front and back flips on a trampoline. Talk about gnarly? This trick I have actually done once, only going forward and I was addicted ever since.

Make sure you are very much aware of what could happen at anytime you step on a gymnastics trampoline.

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