GT BMX Bikes for Speed and Handling On and Off Road

Ever since 1972 when GT BMX bikes were created, these high performance cycles have been used extensively in racing, jumping and even stunt riding. Whether you want to compete or just want to look awesome in your neighborhood, BMX bikes have the perfect selection for you. With modern engineering technology, signers have created BMX bikes that can withstand the force of landings and rough riding and the capability for greater speeds and maneuverability no matter what track, trail or road you take your GT BMX bikes on.

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GT BMX Bikes Through the Years

The GT bicycle company that makes GT BMX bikes has been around 30 years, but they still have the heart of a wild and adventurous teenager who wants to get out on the track goes fast as humanly possible. The whole BMX bikes line was started because racers didn’t think the frame strong enough to handle their extreme sport. Gary Turner used his welding expertise to invent a brand-new type of bike frame. His initials turned into the BMX bikes company name.

GT BMX bikes got their start on dirt tracks, and stayed there winning races until the mid-1990s when mountain biking became a very popular sport in its own right. The knowledge used to make the lightweight, super-strong frames for BMX bikes was used to make GT mountain bikes as well. As the years go by, GT BMX bikes adopt more advanced engineering technologies, use new materials and continue to consistently win races and events.

Photo Gallery of the GT BMX Bikes for Speed and Handling On and Off Road

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