Fat Tire Bike: Should You Buy

Thoughts and Purchase Considerations

There are many different types of bikes available today including fat tire bikes. But, how do you know which type is the right one for you? It does not have to be such an enigma. Each type of bike is suitable for different types of riding and riders. So, how do you know if you should buy a fat tire bike?

Terrain You are Riding On

The first thing to think about when considering buying a fat tire bike is the terrain that you will be riding on. Traditional mountain bikes offer a wheel that is about 2 inches wide. But, fat tire bikes can have tires that are 4 to 6 inches or more in width.

This can be great for off road biking. The wider tire size provides you with more grip on the road. It also means that when you go over a rock or catch a little air that there is more surface area taking the abuse. This makes these tires able to go over harsher terrain without blowing out.

Consider Weather Conditions

The type of weather that you like If you ride in all types of weather then a fat tire bike might be the best choice for you. They perform much better in water, ice, and snow then other types of bikes.

When you think about buying a bike, you have to consider what type is best for you. If you do a large amount of off road riding and/or ride in many different types of weather then you probably should think about purchasing a fat tire bike.

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