Cycling Hat: Why do Top Riders Always Wear

When most people think of headgear worn while riding a bicycle, they picture a helmet, but a cycling hat is also an important accessory for the riding fanatic or sportsman. A cycling hat looks a lot like a miniature baseball cap. It has a cloth crown that is cut and stitched to fit closely to the head. A cycling hat does have a visor or bill in the front, but it is much smaller than what a person would usually see on a regular hat or cap. They have peaks, elasticized backs for a close fit and a greater overall flexibility.

People who ride bicycles competitively wear a cycling hat for various reasons. For one thing, they harken back to the days when bicycle helmets were not required on the racing circuit or for street riding. These days, a hat is frequently worn under a helmet. The absorbent cotton keeps sweat and rain out of the cyclist’s face and eyes. They provide an extra layer of warmth in the autumn and winter. The small visor on a cycling hat can also shield their eyes from the glare of the sun. When that protection is not needed, the visor can be flipped up out of the way.

While functionality of the simple cycling hat can extend to waterproof materials and UV protection, one of the main purposes for wearing them is still style. If you want to look like a professional cyclist, you wear a hat like they do.

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