Child Bike Trailer: How to Use for Maximum Safety and Fun

Parents who love riding their bicycle may want to introduce the fun and athletic pastime to their children by purchasing a child bike trailer. These are perfect contraptions for taking one or more kids on a ride before they can pedal or navigate on their own. Also, you can go anywhere with a modern child bike trailer as they are sturdy, enclosed for safety and comfortable.

#1 – Always choose a child bike trailer that is new, has never been an accident, has all of its parts with no breakage or excessive wear. Purchasing a used child bike trailer at a garage sale may be tempting because you could save some money, but buying new ensures that all parts are working properly and safe. Make sure you choose a bike trailer that has proper safety regulatory information and one with good reviews.

#2 – Attach the child bike trailer to your bicycle according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Never skip steps or skimp on extra safety precautions. After all, you are trusting your child’s life to the bike trailer and your ability to hook it up properly.

#3 – Whenever you use the child bike trailer, be sure your child is wearing a helmet, is properly strapped into the trailer and all other safety protocol is followed. Do not forget a bright orange or red flag atop a 5 to 7 foot tall pole attached to the back of the bike trailer. These flags greatly increase the stability for people in cars or on other bicycles who are riding nearby.

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