Cheerleading Pom Poms: How to Use to Boost Spirit

Every cheerleader loves to shake her colorful cheerleading pom poms, but how can she use them correctly to boost everyone’s team spirit? Even without a cheer coach or complicated routines, there are several great moves to try with cheerleading pom poms to get the crowd on its feet and yelling.

Cheerleading pom poms are perfect attention grabbers. Because they are designed with plastic strips in the school or teams colors, they automatically draw the eye when they appear on the sidelines. They are just another part of the cheerleading uniform that puts the focus on the school colors and team spirit.

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The cheer squad can of course shake the pom poms together to create movement that draws the eye. The rustling plastic strips of cheerleading pom poms can also attract with noise. But shaking the pom poms is not the only thing to do with them. When a cheerleader does the trick, she can place one at the point of movement to draw attention. They can be swirled, passed between people, tossed in the air and caught and even placed on the grounds to create a colorful frame for a cheer pyramid or other complicated trick.

A great way to use cheerleading pom poms to boost team spirit is to pass simple ones out at the next pep rally or game. These don’t have to be as large or expensive as the ones cheerleaders use themselves, but they are great for the crowd to shake too.

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