Bike Trailer for Kids: Top Tips for Safe Operation

Bike rides are a great opportunity for family fun, but if you have toddlers or young children who cannot yet write a bike, you need to find another option to bring them along. A bike trailer for kids can provide a secure and fun way to bring the youngsters along on a family bike ride, but there are certain safety criteria that are essential before you hit the trails.

Whatever bike trailer for kids you choose must be rated properly for safety. Never try to construct your own out of the jogging stroller or some other type of conveyance. Always purchase a new bike trailer for kids because you do not know if a used one was in an accident or is structurally unsound in some way.

A bike trailer for kids should have a sturdy solid hitch that connects it to the bicycle. This must be affixed properly every time you go out for a ride for maximum safety.

The trailer itself needs to be in good condition as well. All the fabric surrounding the child should be rip free and the zippers in good working order. Bike trailer for kids have netting to protect them from weather, insects and small rocks or debris that may be kicked up by the tires.

Only ride a bicycle with an attached bike trailer for kids on smooth trails and roadways. Every time you go out, it is important to check the entire apparatus. Do not forget to attach a 4 to 7 foot tall red or orange flag to the back of the trailer to make it more visible to traffic and other riders.

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