Bike Tires: Which to Use for Your Riding Style

When it comes to bike tires, there are many options to choose from depending on the type of bicycle you have and how you ride it. For maximum safety and performance, it is vital to shop around for the right bike tires before you hop on and head off down the road or trail.

Sizes of Bike Tires – The size of your tires depends largely on the size of the bicycle itself. It is also dependent on what type of writing you are doing. For example, a road racing bicycle is extremely narrow tires to cut down on friction while a downhill mountain biking enthusiast would choose tires that could be up to 3 inches wide to withstand the rough edges of rocks and other rough terrain.

Bike Tires Tread – Most bicycles used around town on the roads have slick or semi-slick tread styles. These do not have thick tread at all and all for more smooth speed than grip on the road. When it comes to off-roading or mountain biking, a more rugged tire tread is necessary. There are both inverted tread and knobby tires available. The knobby variety is used for forest trails and rough terrain.

Other Options for Bike Tires – The type of rubber used in various tires can vary as well. Some are softer than others, which makes them better suited for city riding. You can purchase varieties with metal spikes for riding on ice or snow, a puncture resistant options and even tubeless bike tires that may be less likely to get a flat or a leak but are not as easy to install or change.

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