Bike Pump: What 3 Types Should Every Cyclist Have?

Every bicycle enthusiast has, at one time or the other, had a flat tire or a slow leak that required a bike pump to fill it up again. Everyone has seen a pump before, but some people do not know there are different options to choose from. If you are serious about your bicycling sport, actually enter races or just have fun riding around town, there are 3 types of bike pump you should own.

1 – Floor Bike Pump – These larger size bike pump options are the classic size and shape you may already be familiar with. The base rests on the ground, you put your feet on the base to keep the pump in place, hook up the nozzle and hose and then move the top up and down to force the air into your bicycle tires.

2 – Frame Mini Bike Pump – Frame pumps come in a variety of sizes. Some fill up the entire center bar of the bike frame while others can nestle alongside your water bottle. These pump types usually attach with hook-n-loop tape or a plastic or metal clamp. They are necessary for holes or leaks while on a ride. You hook them up to the tire and use your arm power to pump.

3 – Co2 Bike Pump Inflators – Although not technically a pump, Co2 canister inflators are a super quick and efficient way to get air back in your bicycle tires while on a ride or a race. They force air into the tire quickly, so it is important to make sure you don’t over-inflate.

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