Bike Pants: What Makes Superior to Everyday Wear for Commuters?

Even if you are not an avid cyclist who goes on long treks, races or takes us bicycle off road, you may appreciate designated bike pants to keep you comfortable and protected while you use your bike to commute to work or just right around town. Most people think that a pair of jeans or athletic pants would be sufficient, but bike pants offer something extra that can make the riding experience that much better.

The Two Main Types of Bike Pants Explained

The first type of bike pants are probably the most expected. These are athletic pants with plenty of stretch and elasticity for ease of movement and pedaling. These pants invariably have elastic and drawstring waist, some pockets to keep your keys or wallet and easily breathable material. Most of them also feature of reflective or glow-in-the-dark patches to keep you safer if you are riding in the dim lighting.

The second type of pants do not look like any type of athletic pants at all. Instead, these bike pants look like every day chinos or jeans, but they have some very important features. These pants have stretch fabric as well which keeps them comfortable when you move. The back rise is usually higher than in standard pants to make sure you stay covered up when you are on the bicycle. Instead of obvious reflective patches, they are worked seamlessly into the fabric of the pants at the cuffs and back pockets to give increased visibility without having giant plastic patches on your clothing.

Every time you go out to ride, the right pair of bike pants will help you stay comfortable and safe.

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