Bike Grease: 5 Tips for Use and Bicycle Maintenance

Bike grease is a rather unpleasant yet totally necessary part of all bicycle maintenance. What is called grease can actually be some other type of lubricant as well. It all gets used the same way and should be applied to at least these 5 spots on your bike before you go out for a ride.

1 – Bike grease should be spread evenly on the bike chain to keep it moving smoothly over the gears. If not enough grease is used, this exposed chain can rust, get dirt and grime built up in the moving parts and let out some unpleasant squeals and other noises.

2 – Bike grease should be spread around where the pedals attach to the pegs. They have to rotate continuously around this peg when you pedal your bicycle, so grease will keep things running smoothly. Dry pedals may move more sluggishly and affect your ride style.

3 – Any part of the bike that pivots or turns should get a grease treatment. This includes the front and rear derailleur, the handle bars and both brakes. Be sure not to get grease on the brakes themselves! Bike grease keeps everything moving and operating smoothly.

4 – Bike grease can be used on the bike gears themselves to ensure easy operation. It also helps protect them from the weather and road grime and grit.

5 – Bike grease on any other moving part on a bicycle is a good idea if you use the right lubricant. Perhaps the most important tip for using grease for your maintenance tasks is to know when it should be used and when a thinner lubricant should be used.

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