Bicycle Trainer Brings At-Home Convenience to Endurance and Speed

When someone not involved with the professional cycling see hears the words bicycle trainer, images of training wheels or a person with a whistle and a megaphone at the side of the track may come to mind. In fact, a bicycle trainer is a unique combination of both things. It is designed to support the bicycle outside of regular riding time and it does help cyclists prepare for races.

A bicycle trainer is a sturdy frame into which the rear wheel of the bicycle is placed. The tire itself rests on a roller mechanism that allows the wheel to turn freely but with similar friction to how you feel on the road. The front wheel of the bicycle, which is not powered by pedaling, is likewise secured.

A cyclists who wishes to improve his or her fitness, train more or improve technique uses a bicycle trainer in a gym or at home in order to practice pedaling without having to go outside. This is perfect for days of bad weather or just as a convenience factor that saves time. Writing enthusiasts and racers even set up a bicycle trainer and their bike in front of a computer or television that shows the race course they are about to tackle.

For people who are serious about improving their endurance and race time, a bicycle trainer is an invaluable piece of sporting goods equipment that allows for training on your own bike in the comfort of your own home.

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