Bicycle Mirrors Improve Your Safety on the Road

Bicycle mirrors do more than let you look directly behind yourself while you are out on a ride. There are various types and sizes that should be attached to different parts of the bike frame and handlebars to give maximum visibility. With the right mirrors, you can look behind and to all sides so you can always see if there is danger or another rider approaching.

The bicycle mirrors you choose to attach to your mode of transportation should be specifically made for bike use. This means they will properly reflect what is around you at the right distance much like the side mirrors on a car do. Not only will the mirrors reflect accurately, but they will also be able to get attached to the bike securely so they do not shift or fall off.

Many bicycle mirrors have different connectors such as clamps with bolts to tighten them down, mounting brackets for handlebars or bike frame and even hook and loop strapping for an adjustable fit.

The main purpose for bicycle mirrors is to provide safety by increasing your observation capabilities. The most common type of bicycle mirrors is either round or rectangular ones that attach to the end of the handlebars. These can either stick out horizontally or sit above or below the handlebars.

Other common types of bicycle mirrors actually attach to the helmet of the rider. These can easily be adjusted as you pedal. There are also wrist mounted mirrors that look like watches that you can use by lifting your arm.

Photo Gallery of the Bicycle Mirrors Improve Your Safety on the Road

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