How to Choose The Best Paintball Pants

You are looking for best paintball pants in 2017? We will help you.

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Before playing paintball, having the proper protective wear is important, especially since the play can get rugged. Choosing the best paintball pants should be based on a variety of factors but the ultimate goal is to find the pair that provides a good fit, comfort, and of course, protection from all the elements that could break your skin.

​It is important to remember that choosing a pair of paintball pants should be according to your personal needs and preferences. What is perfect for another player does not necessarily mean that it would be perfect for you as well. Consider all personal factors then compare it with what the product offers.

What Makes a Good Pair of Paintball Pants?​

Paintball pants should provide an ample amount of protection for your legs as you crawl, kneel, run, dive, and do other activities involving your legs while playing. Here are some of the aspects to consider when shopping for a pair of paintball pants:​


The paintball pants should have enough thickness to prevent the exposure of your legs to thorns, rocks, twigs, and other elements that may bruise and break your skin. You have to consider the venue for the paintball event since this will affect the level of thickness that you will need for your pants.

If you will be playing at your backyard, a standard thickness will suffice. However, if the paintball event will be held at recreational fields simulating a forest, for example, you will need a thicker pair of pants.

Protective Padding

To add extra protection for your knees and other parts of your legs, there are paddings built into the pants. This prevents injuries upon collision to the ground and other hard and pointy surfaces.


The garment of the paintball pants should not be susceptible to tearing. It should be able to withstand sharp objects to some extent.

Aside from durability and imperviousness to tearing, the garment should also be breathable. No player would want to feel constricted with the paintball pants he is wearing as it will create discomfort and will affect his performance.


Paintball pants are designed to be loose. However, they should not be too loose that they become a hindrance in moving. The looseness of the pants should be sufficient to provide flexibility and freedom of movement for the player. The waistline of the pants should be well-fitted to the wearer for comfortable wearing.


This aspect is similar to the idea of the pants’ fit. It should deliver flexibility and freedom of movement to the wearer. Note that elasticity should just be enough to prevent the pants from being susceptible to tearing.

Color and Style

The aesthetics of the paintball pants also matter. They should blend in with the venue of the play to make it difficult for your opponents to spot you.

Note that these characteristics should always be compared to the venue of paintballing. This is to determine the level of protection needed and which pair of paintball pants will best blend in the paintball fields.

How to Wear Paintball Pants​

​As mentioned earlier, paintballing involves crawling, diving, and kneeling. All of which increase the chance of tearing your protective pants. Thus, it is best to have added layers of protection, which can be achieved by wearing additional clothing under your paintball pants.

A pair of baggy elastic pants or jumpsuits can be worn underneath paintball pants. In case you tear the first layer of your lower body protection, you still have pants underneath that will prevent your legs from being exposed throughout the rest of the play.

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