Best Globe Longboards in 2017 – Guide & Reviews

A Brief Introduction to Globe Longboards

Globe has been producing a wide range of longboards, clothing, skateboards and other accessories since the 1980s. The Australian-based company was founded by brothers Matt, Peter and Stephen Hill. In 1995, Globe started operations in the US to meet the increasing interest in their products. The company’s European headquarters was established in the southwest region of France in 2003.

Globe’s impact on the world of longboarding is unparalleled as they also manufacture and distribute truck and skateboards under the name Dwindle. The company uses a wide range of materials to create Globe longboards such as bamboo and hard maple wood. Globe longboard decks are available in different shapes and range from 35″ to 43″. Every longboard is suited to various styles of riding and comes with matched set equipment that improves the user’s riding style. Globe currently sells in over 100 countries around the world.

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1 A Brief Introduction to Globe Longboards
2 Buying Guide of The Best Globe Longboards
3 Globe Long Boards Reviews

  • 3.1 Globe Geminon Drop Down Longboard

  • 3.2 Globe Bamboo Longboard

  • 3.3 Globe Pinner Longboard

  • 3.4 Globe Prowler Longboard

  • 3.5 Globe Floral Longboard

  • 3.6 Globe Longboard Orange

4 Is Globe a Good Longboard Brand?
5 Final Verdict

How to Choose the Best Globe Longboards / How To Buy The Best Globe Longboards

There are some things that you should keep in mind when getting your own Globe longboard. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a longboard.

Riding Style

Perhaps you just want to skate around your neighborhood or at a park. Before buying a board, consider where you live. Your area may have a mixture of flatlands and hills. Here are the most common riding styles.

  • Freestyle – You can try whatever you want. This riding style is ideal for those who are just learning how to ride and want to master the board. You can perform board tricks and try some technical skills such as sliding.
  • Downhill – This style of riding is all about speed. You need to dive down the hill as fast as possible while simultaneously maintaining control over your board. Downhill riding is not ideal for beginners.
  • Cruising/carving – This is all about carving your way down streets that slant gradually. Most beginners do this riding style.
  • Freeride – Riding in a semi-hilly location with lots of speed while simultaneously performing tricks on curbs and up slides is the main goal here. Since this riding style requires a lot of control, only expert riders should try it.

Skill Level

Each longboard is designed to meet the rider’s skill level, so make sure that the shape, flex and mounting style of the board are suited to your ability.

Board Shape

Most boards are available in two shapes – symmetrical and directional. Symmetrical or twin boards are ideal for 180⁰ slides as well as freestyle and free riding. Directional boards can go in just one direction. Downhill boards and cruiser boards are perfect examples of such boards.

Deck Style

The style of deck can affect the board’s stability and determines how easy it is to push the board along on flat ground and stop it.

  • Double drop – This style of board aims to get your feet as near the ground as possible. It is ideal for downhill riding.
  • Drop through – Since the trucks are attached through the board, these boards have a lower deck height and are more stable. As such, the rider won’t feel very tired while pushing the board. It’s ideal for long-distance riding.
  • Drop deck – It is designed so that your feet sit below the board’s truck areas. The center of gravity is reduced and you don’t feel exhausted when pushing and breaking, making these boards excellent for freeride and downhill riding.
  • Top mount – Boards with a top mount design may be less stable, but they have higher turn leverage and are more nimble. These boards are ideal for carving, downhill, cruising and freeride riding.

Globe Longboard Wheels – 5 Most Important Factors When Choosing

Globe longboard wheels are among the most important factors to consider as they affect the board’s cornering ability and speed. There are various factors that affect the performance of Globe longboard wheels.

  • Core – This is the center of the wheel and can be classified into three categories – side set, center set and offset. Side set is located extremely near the wheel’s upper-lip, allowing the rider to slide with ease. You cannot flip the wheels once they become worn down. Center set is symmetrical and as such, the wheels can be flipped when one side gets worn down. Offset core is nearer the inside of the wheel and a bit off-center, allowing the wheel to have a great balance between slide and grip ability.
  • Diameter – The diameter of the wheel is the distance between where the wheels touch the top of the urethane and the ground. The bigger the wheel, the less effort you need to exert and the smoother the ride will be. Acceleration, however, is slower.
  • Durometer – This will tell you how hard the wheel is. A softer wheel provides more traction, but don’t expect the ride to be fast. A harder wheel provides less friction. The ride will be faster, but the road will be rough. A Durometer A Scale that goes from 1 to 100 is usually used to measure a wheel’s hardness. The B scale measures 20 points lower, which allows the scale to be extended by twenty points for harder wheels. The average durometer is 99a.
  • Bearings – This is what makes the wheel spin. A wheel with a high rating can spin faster.

On Pylyglot you can find more info about longboard wheels, trucks and bearings.

Board Length

Boards with a longer wheelbase will be more stable at higher speeds, but can’t turn as quickly as shorter boards.

Board Shape

Each board has basic features including kick tails, wheels and cutouts. Kick tails are a slightly inclined spot that allows you to lift your board off the ground and perform tricks. Wheel wells and wheel cutouts prevent wheel bite or when the wheels touch the board. The concave helps you stay on the board. The rails or edges of the board are a little higher than the center to allow your feet to properly touch the board.

Board Construction

Some boards are made using bamboo laminates. A bamboo sheet is placed in between a composite material and fiberglass, resulting in a medium to lightweight board with medium flex. Boards can also be made using carbon fiber. These boards are very stiff and lightweight, making them ideal for downhill riders. Veneer is the most common material for making longboards. Multiple veneer or thin sheets are glued together and piled on top of each other and then pressed into the form of the board.

Board Flex

Soft felt has great shock absorption and is ideal for some tricks and mellow cruising. Medium flex has good shock absorption and offers a spring-like feel that boosts energy to tricks, making them perfect for commuting and carving. Stiff flex provides extreme stability during fast rides, so it’s ideal for riding fast and bombing hills.

Longboard Trucks

Longboard trucks are the T-shaped component that mounts onto the base of the deck. It can be measured by the width of the axle or hanger. Longboards need 2 trucks. The most common truck sizes are 180 mm and 150 mm. Longboard trucks allow for easy maneuverability and turning, so they usually have softer urethane bushings.

Best Globe LongBoards – Our Top 7 Pick for You

Here are the latest Globe long boards that will make your search for the best board easier. Read this Globe longboard review and find out which board suits you.

Globe Geminon Drop Down Longboard

Globe Geminon Drop Down Longboard
Price: --
0 new0 used

The drop-down dipped Geminon Drop Down Longboard is built with slant trucks, Globe ABEC 7 bearings, Globe grip tape, Globe hardware and 72mm/78A wheels. Boasting a deck size of 41″ x 10″, the longboard from Globe provides an extremely low to the ground feel.


  • The board turns in deep cuts and flexes nicely.
  • Provides stable skating over even bumpy surfaces


  • At first, the board is extremely stiff as it’s designed for solid downhill bombing.
  • Heavy


The Geminon Drop Down Longboard is a great board. It’s heavy and it might take some time to get used to form factor, but it is durable and provides smooth rides.

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Globe Red Bamboo Spearpoint – 40 Inches Drop Through Longboard Complete

The 54⁰ position of the 180mm slant inverted trucks, deep wheel wells, die-cut grip tape, 69mm 83a wheels and 40-inch x 9.875-inch 8-ply bamboo construction of the Globe Red-Bamboo Spearpoint offer improved carving for riders.


  • On point grip tape
  •  Beautiful graphics and high quality materials
  • Smooth ride


  •  The wheels could benefit from an upgrade.


Overall, the Globe Red-Bamboo Spearpoint is a high quality board with a nice design and flex. It’s also ideal for those who want to upgrade to an above average longboard.

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Globe Pinner Classic Longboard – Complete

The Globe Pinner Classic Longboard is designed for cruising around the city. With its Globe Drift wheels, slant inverted trucks and ABEC 7 bearings, you can surf the asphalt billows and cement banks with ease. Made from 8-ply maple with a kicktail and slight concave, the Globe Pinner Classic Longboard has a clear-gripped deck that allows the smooth maple grain and striped paint scheme to showcase a classic style.


  • Great finish
  • Enough grip/texture on the top surface


  • Bushings need to be replaced with better ones


The Globe Pinner Classic Longboard is an excellent choice. Just replace the bushings and you will certainly enjoy a greater ride.

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Globe Big Pinner Bamboo Longboard – Bamboo / Green

The Big Pinner Bamboo Longboard has a smooth bamboo finish. With its 44-inch x 9-inch bamboo and maple construction, 180mm slant inverted trucks, mellow concave with kick tail, 69mm 83a wheels and striped bamboo bottom and top with white painted band, you’ll get a lovely board that offers fast rides.

  • Offers the right amount of flex
  • Provides just the right amount of hardness to make the board do as you want


  • The top of the deck contains a lot of clear sand grit, but it doesn’t affect the board’s look.


The Big Pinner Bamboo Longboard has a nice finish and great speed that will leave you wanting to use it again and again.

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Globe Prowler Bamboo Longboard HG 10525145 Bamboo/Clay

The Prowler Bamboo Longboard from Globe has a smooth side-to-side concave, 69mm 83a wheels, ABEC-7 bearings, 180mm slant reverse kingpin trucks and 38-inch x 10-inch 8-ply bamboo construction. It is perfect for downhill riding.


  • Very fast and smooth
  • Great carving and turning
  • Can roll even on rough ground
  • Rigid deck offers good downhill stability


  • Super sticky stock wheels, making sliding tricky


The Prowler Bamboo Longboard has great carving and turning ability thanks to the soft bushings. Overall, it’s a great longboard that is also ideal for straight downhill riding.

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Globe HG Chromatic Cruiser Skateboard, Teak/Floral Couch

GLOBE HG Chromatic Cruiser Skateboard, Teak/Floral Couch
Price: $149.95
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The Globe Chromantic Cruiser boasts conical wheels, teak wood and Maple core,

EVA tail pad, fabric inlay, mellow concave with kick tail and clear broadcast grip. The board was pressed together using epoxy resin, making it stronger, more durable and lighter than water-based decks. The High-Rebound urethane formula of the company provides excellent grip.


  • Turns amazingly
  • Lightweight making it easier to carry the board around with ease


  • The design underneath the grip tape looks more vibrant in the photo than it is in person, which is quite misleading.


Overall, the Globe HG Chromatic Cruiser Skateboard is a durable and lightweight board that’s perfect for those who want a smooth ride.

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Globe Sledgehog Complete Longboard Skateboard, Tart Orange

The Sledgehog Complete Longboard Skateboard from Globe boasts a contemporary free ride longboard outline with high quality components and construction. The micro-drop platform with elevated “w” concave, Resin-7 and fiber carve and surfboard inspired paint job resulted in a fast board with a lovely finish.


  • Lighter and more durable than water-based decks as epoxy resin was used to press the board together
  • Faster and smoother than other boards due to the company’s High-Rebound urethane formula


The Sledgehog Complete Longboard Skateboard is abrasion resistant and offers excellent grip thanks to the High-Rebound urethane formula used by the company.

Another board from Globe that’s worth mentioning is their line of Globe Rasta longboard. All boards have bearing spacers for higher rolling speed and faster acceleration.

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Is Globe a Good Longboard Brand?

Globe’s dedication to quality boards inspires the company to continue providing riders with premium longboards and skateboards that meet all needs and budget. The company offers longboards for all skill levels and age groups. These boards guarantee stability, great graphic designs, strength and a smooth ride. Globe’s boards can travel on any type of terrain.

Final Verdict / Conclusion

Globe has produced boards for a long time, but their dedication to quality has not changed. If you want to get a good feel of their boards, feel free to ride one of their longboards and see for yourself what it can offer. In general, Globe’s longboards will provide you with a fun and smooth ride.

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