Badminton Net: How to Set Up

Having a badminton net is the only way you can play badminton anywhere you choose. The game badminton is much like tennis but, badminton uses smaller rackets and a “bird” or a shuttlecock.

When setting up your badminton set is not a hard task to do. Just make sure you follow the specific instructions to your set.

Follow these steps to quickly set up your badminton net.

Basic Steps to Setup Your Badminton Net

First you want to set up the poles by pushing the required pieces together. You want to then tie the badminton net to the two poles on opposite ends. After you have done this, place the two poles into the ground with steaks and guy wires to provide additional support.

Next, you want to measure the net and then set the boundaries on the court. You can use chalk, or paint. Mark the service lines on both ends of the court.

Now Your Badminton Net is Ready

Now that your badminton net is all set up and ready to go, it is time to play badminton! Whenever you are in the mood for a good match in badminton, all you have to do is do this quick and easy set up to play. You don’t have to play by the rules all the time, but for a more competitive match make sure you measure the service areas and the boundaries to make the match fair throughout the game.

With your net, that’s all you need when you are ready for a good match.

Photo Gallery of the Badminton Net: How to Set Up

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