Baby Bike Seat: Focus on Safety When You Buy

A baby bike seat can give parents the opportunity to take their small infant or toddler along for some adventure and fresh air when they take a bicycle ride. There have been baby bike seat models in use all around the world for decades, but the safety features are becoming much better as time goes on. In fact, safety is the number one thing to focus on when you buy a bike seat for your little one.

A standard adult bicycle can carry one baby bike seat either in the front near the handlebars or behind the adult rider. Either type needs to be connected to the bicycle with sturdy nuts and bolts so that the bike seat cannot shift, move or tip during operation.

Other factors that contribute to the safety of a baby bike seat model include:

• Sturdy and adjustable baby bike seat straps for the baby’s waist and shoulders.
• A padded sleep or hand bar going across the baby’s waist or chest.
• Restrictive rubberized coverings for strap buckles so the bike seat cannot be unhooked or loosened easily.
• A baby bike seat windshield to prevent insects, small rocks and other debris from being kicked up at the baby’s face.
• A designated handlebar and foot rests so the baby’s limbs do not interfere with the safe operation of the bicycle.

There are many factors that must be considered when purchasing a bike seat for your young child, but safety is the most important.

Photo Gallery of the Baby Bike Seat: Focus on Safety When You Buy

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